Social Scout

Explore nearby, find places, check-in, know where your friends are and more! Social Scout is your Facebook kit when you go out: tells you everything that's happening around you. With notifications of check-ins and comments, you have got everything that matters when you are out.

You can now actively be part of the most popular checking-in platform in the world, with a rich social connection and millions of places! And just as you can search on Facebook Graph for different things, you can search for Places via Social Scout since it uses the same source (Facebook Places database).


Main features:

• Nearby places with distance and orientation using GPS and compass
• Powerful search in fields like name, category, services, food type, etc.
• See which friends are close to you
• Check-in on places
• Get driving directions (with Nokia Drive supported in WP8)
• Tag or attach photos to check-ins *
• Comment or like friend’s check-ins
• Check-in history of your friends and yours
• Suggestions of places to eat around you *
• View people profiles and check-ins *
• Most visited places on a specific area (by your friends or by everyone)
• Embedded Facebook ᴶᴰᴮ app ( wrapper with extended functionality)
• Skins / themes

* Features not available (or limited) in the Free version and Trial version. Free version has Ads, which will make screen real state smaller and can make the app slower on launch (due to advertisements).

Do my friends need this app in order to interact?
Not at all. Social Scout will grab your friends activity no matter how they check-in, as long as they do it through Facebook either directly or via other apps or smartphones using a Facebook connection. Some friends though, might have set some particular privacy configurations for their Facebook account, so on those cases Social Scout might not be able to get their check-ins.


You will notice that there is kind of an embedded app inside, it’s a Facebook touch app called Facebook ᴶᴰᴮ and you can access from either Social Scout or by pinning it to your home screen. Facebook ᴶᴰᴮ app has some particular features you won’t find on others (many) of similar Facebook Touch browsers, such as full screen view of pictures, pinch to zoom, full screen browsing, horizontally rendered like/comment/share buttons, integration with Social Scout for check-in or places-related content, etc.


Welcome to Social Scout, hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: App is not developed neither affiliated to Facebook. It does use Facebook Places data via the Open Graph protocol exposed by Facebook for public use. It has great advantages but a small disadvantage as well: you might find some duplicated or misplaced venues. However it gets better and better through time since any Facebook user can (yes, you as well!) contribute to places data quality by editing them via Facebook (the app can as well guide you through that).

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